About Trinity

At Trinity, we strive to enhance our customers' "digital life" by offering unique, carefully selected products with superior designs and rich feature sets. Trinity bring one of a kind products and services to market quickly while maximizing value for our customers.

Our company name, Trinity, refers to the "Triangle of Digital Life"- where the product creator (manufacturer), the distributor (Trinity), and the customers unite to enrich the "Digital Life" experience. We believe this "Trinity" makes amazing things happen.

President/CEO, Tetsushi Hoshikawa

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Corporate Information

Company Name: Trinity, Inc.
President/CEO: Tetsushi Hoshikawa
Established: May 1, 2006
Address: 2-14-17 Tohoku Niiza, Saitama 352-0001, Japan
Nearest station: 7 minutes walk from Shiki Station South Exit on Tobu Tojo Line

TEL: +81-48-299-3433

Key Business Activities in Japan

  1. Import/Export and sales of computer peripheral devices
  2. Import/Export and sales of digital consumer electronics devices
  3. Marketing, business planning and consulting
  4. All operations and business activities related to above categories


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